Fly Tying Mondays Resume on December 5th.

We will get another season rolling on Monday December 4th at TC Outfitters. From 7 pm to 9 pm. members are always welcome.

A box full of flies!

A box full of flies!
...and fly fishers

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fly Tying Class on January 18th

Hi Everybody!

We will be tying chironomids during this class. If you have the following please bring along with you (many of these you will have from last year):

olive 8/0 thread (UTC)
red 8/0 thread (UTC)
black 8/0 thread (UTC)
rusty brown thread 8/0 UTC
white unistretch


water olive or yellow olive 8/0 (UTC) ....these two threads are not necessary but can add to one of the chironomids

It would also be beneficial if you bring along an extra bobbin (if you have one).

Troy from TC Outfitters will have most of these items along for purchase.


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