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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yes, There are Trout in Mitchell Pond

About a week ago, I wanted to stop by Mitchell Pond and see what was swimming within the waters. It did not happen because I was distracted by casting flies into the Red Deer River. Well today I promised myself that I would get to Mitchell Pond with my fly rod in hand. I walked down the paved trails to the lake. That takes about 20 minutes. I rigged up while sitting on a park bench. I tied on a micro leech (Glen's Leech) and cast into the pond. It did not take long to get a connection. The rainbows are stockers. I spent about an hour at the pond and caught 6 rainbows, none very large.

As I was packing up, a teacher brought her class down to the pond. They were looking at pond life. The kids were quite engaged. That made me smile! The outdoor classroom started right in front of the dedication rock with Barry's picture on it.

An interesting side note is that the picture of Barry was taken by Clive SchaupmeyerI believe this photo was the one and only time that Barry's picture appeared on the front of the Alberta Fishing Guide. I spoke to Clive a few weeks back. He fished with Barry a few times each year. He loved sharing those days on the river with Barry! Clive was quite thrilled that his photo was used on the memorial plaque.

Mitchell Pond would be a great place for a picnic. There is a shelter at the lake as well as picnic tables. Kids would enjoy fishing the lake.

Take some time to walk, ride or roller blade down to the pond. It is a beautiful place to enjoy being outside. Tip your hat to Barry as you go by!

Below is Matthew, Barry's son!

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