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Friday, September 16, 2016

Fall in the West Country

The weather has been almost perfect the last three days. Byron Stearns and I took advantage of the stable weather to do some cutthroat fly fishing. We did not rush out to the river because thermometer crawled down to 2C the night before we left. The window to fly fish is now smaller than in the summer because of the decreasing temperatures. The cutthroat are active for shorter periods as the water cools. When we arrived, we saw that the water was a high and off colour but quite fishable.

We decided to head downstream for 45 minutes or so and see what we could find. The high water as of late had rearranged some of the river. That was interesting to see. We discovered several runs that had active cutthroats.

As the air temperature warmed, the cutthroat really got active. There were just a few risers so for the most part we fished with nymphs and streamers.

The deciduous trees were a golden yellow. It felt like autumn today although the afternoon sun felt great as we fished. We did not wear waders but it is getting close to needing them just to keep warm.

Crossing the river was doable with caution today. The water was high for this time of the year!

Byron and I tangled with lots of quality cutthroats that were in great condition!

Great day on the water!

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