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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fly Fishing with our Grandson

The last week has been hectic for Karen and I with the birth of our 4th grandson. Today we headed out to Sylvan Lake with one of our grandkids who wanted to catch a fish. Now Gavin is only 2 but he loves his fishing rod. We were determined to help Gavin catch a whitefish with his "Cars" fishing rod.  He loves to yell, " Fish on!" We had a couple on with his rod which got off but then he was happy to reel in several we caught on our fly rods. It was a beautiful day out Sylvan Lake. The lake whitefish were not as aggressive as yesterday but we still caught lots. My grandson had a great time. When he got bored, we cruised down the lake for a bit and then got back to our favourite weed line. After 2 and half hours, he was ready to head home with his Dad.  Karen and I headed back out for some more sight fishing for lake whites after dropping daddy and grandson at the boat launch. Another beauty of a day!

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