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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Foggy Start to a Beauty of a Day on the Water

Karen and I crawled out of bed in the dark and realized it was going to be a frosty start to the day. The lift back on the truck was even frozen! We had set aside today to head out to the west country to enjoy a day on the river together. It was a foggy wet drive out to Rocky Mountain House and beyond! Once we arrived at our destination, our two elkhounds sprinted around. They knew where they were. A day on the river.

The water was again high and more coloured than a few days before when I was out with my buddy Byron. We wore waders, the water was c-c-cold. After a 45 minute walk we rigged up and started to nymph. There were no bugs to speak of. I think we saw 4 rises all day!

It did not take long to hook up and the cutthroat certainly were in a feisty mood.

As the temperature warmed, the cutthroat became quite active.

If you are heading out to fly fish for cutthroat, take your time! The cutts get going late in the morning this time of the year!

Today, fall was at its best. Colourful trees made each run very beautiful! The thermometer crawled up to about 8 degrees. Karen brought her winter coat and she was glad to have it in the morning hours.

One month of cutthroat fishing to go! Bundle up and get out there. It is a long wait until next June!

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