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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fly Fishing in Belize, ...A Photo Essay

Winter has dug its heels in here in Red Deer. As the snow falls this morning and the temperature hoovers around -20C, my mind has been wandering back to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye in Belize. We love it there. We love the people, the weather, it is not too "resorty" (is there such a word?), the fly fishing is awesome and the reef out front (second largest in the world) has some of the most amazing snorkelling you will ever experience! We have made some friends in San Pedro that have added to our enjoyment of the area! This year we fly fished, snorkelled, visited a local school, relaxed and explored.

The great news for us Canadians is that we can head to Belize, direct from Toronto! You can get all the way to San Pedro with one travel day thanks to West Jet! If you have a West Jet card, you can use your companion flight to fly there and your friend/spouse can join in all the fun for relatively economical travel costs.

Karen and I are planning a return trip there next year for two weeks. If you are interested in coming, please drop me a note so we can start the planning. I already have guides that are willing to take us out! The guide days will be $150 USD per person with two in the boat! We will line up our own accommodation and cook our own food and occasionally go out for dinner! Karen and I would coordinate the trip if there is sufficient interest!

Karen and I fly fished for bonefish, permit and tarpon. We did not catch a tarpon although I was very close on several occasions and the permit fishing is challenging but very rewarding! 

Click on the pictures to make them larger! 

A puddle jumper takes us to San Pedro from Belize City!

All the docks on Ambergris Caye have been rebuilt because of a hurricane damage this past fall!

You get around by walking or rent a golf cart!

We love visiting the local markets. They are fun to shop in!

The kids love to come and say hi!

Our condo!

The guides are awesome!

Snorkelling is world class!

Visiting a local school. We know the principal and she invited us for a tour and to visit the kids and teachers!

Our favourite bakery!

A Lion fish!

The south end of Ambergris are channels that can have awesome fly fishing!

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