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Monday, March 13, 2017

Three Beetle Fly Patterns with Darren Petersen

Darren Petersen photo

Darren Petersen was our guest instructor tonight and he showed 24 fly tyers how to tie three great beetle fly patterns. Two of the patterns were of his own design and the third is a pattern that Davie McPhail has developed called the Black Cricket. 

Darren is a true outdoorsman. When he picks up his fly rod, he for sure will be also packing his camera. He enjoys nature. Darren will capture bugs and take them home to photograph. Darren loves birds and the animals that live beside his favourite streams. Darren's fly patterns tonight were well thought out in their design. He pays attention to what the bugs look like in nature! Most important, Darren loves to share the outdoors with his family!

Special thanks to Talia, Darren's daughter, for making the cricket legs. Rumour has it, the price was right!

Thanks Darren for a very enjoyable presentation and evening of fly tying!  I can hardly wait to fish these flies come summer.

Remember the IF4 Film Festival is next Thursday March 23rd at Carnival Theatre starting at 6:30 pm (doors open), films start at 7 pm. You can get your tickets at TC Outfitters or on line right HERE!

Next Monday, Evan Ritchie is our guest instructor. See you then!

Winged Sword Bettle

Hook: Size 12 Dry Fly hook, 2 XL
Thread: 70 denier, black
Wings: Polypropolyene
Wing Case: Black foam and mylar (orange and green, medium)
Thorax: Peacock herl
Legs: Peacock sword
Thorax: Olive ice dub

Winged Chewy Bug

Hook: size 14 dry fly
Thread: 70 denier, black
Wings: Cream saddle
Wing Case: Black foam covered with chewy skin
Body: Brown dubbing
Head: Black foam
Thorax: Brown dubbing
Legs: rubber

Davey's Black Cricket

Watch Davey McPhail tie the Black Cricket

Watch Davie McPhail teach you how to make hopper/beetle legs

These two tyers tonight were the fastest at making beetle legs. They won some original Darren Petersen glass pieces. Lucky them! I bet Stuart is enjoying scotch in that glass!

 Darren Petersen photo
 Darren Petersen photo
 Darren Petersen photo
Darren Petersen photo

 Darren Petersen photo
 Darren Petersen photo
 Darren Petersen photo

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