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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Three Great Nymphs with Larry Prowse

Hi Everybody!

Karen and I just got back from Belize late last night and I am in the process of catching up on our blog!

On Monday, 24 fly tyers came to take in Larry Prowse's presentation on tying three very effective nymphs: The Shop Vac, Tunsten Teaser and a Flashback Golden Stone Nymph! The Shop Vac was first tied by Rowan Nyman, one of Craig Matthew's partners. It is an excellent searching pattern that will imitate a variety of aquatic insects. It is a great dropper nymph tied on the curve of a dry fly. It can also be used on still waters ! John Barr's Tungsten Teaser is also a dandy nymph! The final nymph was a Fashback Golden Stone. It is an effective pattern to select when the visibility is down on the river. It gets down quickly and the extra flash will hall get the fishes' attention!

Thanks Doug for the pictures and special thanks to Larry for a great evening of fly tying!

Remember that the Sportsman's Show is on this weekend at the Westerner. We have a booth set up. Special thanks to Willy and his crew for getting that pulled together!

remember the IF4 Film festival makes a stop in Red Deer on March 23rd. Het your tickets at TC Outfitters or on line right HERE!

Steve Luethi is our guest tyer next week! Please bring UTC black and white threads along!

Flashback Golden Stone-John Barr Originator

Hook: Mustad 9672 or equivalent size 12
Bead: Tungsten Gold or Brass, 1/8th
Thread: UTC 140, Tan
Tail: Ginger Biots
Body: Tan Sow Scud or equivalent
Rib: 3x Mono
Overbody: Thin Skin Mottled Golden Stone and Opal Mylar
Wingcase: Thin Skin Mottled Golden Stone 
Legs: Golden Grizzly Hen Saddle

Tungsten Teaser

Hook: Mustad 7671 or equivalent size 14
Thread: Black UTC 70
Bead: Tungsten-Black or Gold
Tail: White Biots
Lead: 15 wraps of 0.015
Rib: Gold or Copper, brassie size
Abdomen: Arizona Semi Seal: Peacock or Bronze or natural colour
Thorax: Arizona Semi Seal: Peacock or Bronze or natural colour
Wingcase: Thin Skin, Peral Flashabou with UV coating
Legs: Hen Saddle or partridge or rubber

Shop Vac: Rowan Nyman Originator

Hook: Scud Hook sizes 16-20
Bead: Gold 3/32nd
Thread: UTC Black or Brown
Rib: Small Copper
Body: Pheasant tail
Wing Bud: White Z-lon or Antron

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