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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cutthroat Fly Fishing with Family!

Boy it's HOT! It was a perfect time to latch onto the trailer and head west with Karen along with Kate and her husband Adam. We set up camp and the kids and Karen disappeared for the day while I watched the hounds (Tiki and Pepper) as well as fly fished around camp. Well they came back at dinner time with big smiles. The dry fly fishing was awesome. All three of them latched onto some beautiful cutthroat. Sweet! We fished for two more days. The cutthroat were willing most of the time. The camping was fantastic. Better still, our kids have developed a great appreciation for escaping into the backcountry to fly fish. It is a great way to escape the city, noise and enjoy being outside. What a great way to escape the heat.

Karen and Kate in action!

Kate with a nice cutthroat!

Adam was constantly into the cutthroat!

Nice shot Adam!

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