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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Goldeye Are Fun to Catch with a Fly Rod

Goldeye on the fly, why not? They readily rise to a dry fly and they plentiful in the Red Deer River. Any high floating fly (e.g. parachute adams) will get their attention. Just be aware that goldeye are hard on flies. Their rough mouths will disintegrate a fly after a while. Their paper thin mouths will cause you some challenges as you set the hook but these fish will jump and give a great account of themselves.

Karen and I walk down the trails from our house and in a few minutes we are goldeye fly fishing! Its a great way to practice your cast and help a beginner fly fisher to catch a few fish!

Take a walk along the Red Deer River Waskasoo Trails and you will encounter goldeye. The Red Deer River is in great shape at the moment. Have fun!

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