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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Night Shift, ...Hexagenia

The hexagenia hatch lasts a very short time and you have to know where to look. Karen and I have been out chasing the hatch with some of our crazier fly fishing buddies the last few nights. It has been fun. We have had to wait out thunderstorms and variable weather but it has been worth it.

A few nights ago rainbows and lightening made our trip out real interesting!

Nothing happens until about 10 pm. The hexagenia mayflies start to pop and the birds start picking them off one by one. They love to gorge on them. Then the brown trout seem to magically come out from underneath the banks to feed.

We have not seen a big hatch but the browns love this big meal! Casting in the pitch black towards a slurping or popping sound, setting the hook can sound a bit crazy but it is fun! You have to be careful not to fall in a hole you cannot see. That would definitely not end well. Having a head lamp is definitely an asset!

Hexagenia are our largest mayflies. They hatch in a small window near the beginning of July. Some of our waters have this fabled hatch. It is amazing to experience it!

If you get into the water you are usually stepping into boot sucking mud! That has its challenges too!

You get home past 1 am. You always encounter owls hooting, coyotes howling, skunks sneaking around, porcupines on the highway, cows mooing, fog and lots of mosquitos!

Is it worth it, Of course!

Hexagenia bugs are big and the browns love to devour these tasty treats!

A neat shot with surface fog on the water!

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