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Monday, February 1, 2016

A Neat Mayfly Technique and the Famous Dave's Medusa with Rick Miyauchi

Rick Miyauchi is a very skilled fly tyer. Rick's fly box is filled with precision. Rick is particular about getting the correct proportions on his flies. He is not afraid to tie challenging patterns.

Tonight 24 fly tyers took in Rick's presentation. Rick's first fly is a Ken Morrish pattern that is a technique one could use with any mayfly pattern. It did have a hackle that is a bit challenging to tie in! The second pattern was a salmon fly that has incredible movement in the water called Dave's Medusa! Correctly tapering the Medusa is the key to make the rubber legs move in the water.

Thanks Rick for the fly patterns and presentation!

Next week, Darren Petersen is our guest tyer. Darren has a very neat set of flies to present to the group. See you then!

Ken Morrish's May Day

Hook: Standard dry fly size appropriate for mayfly
Thread: 8/0 color to match natural
Tail: Parapost grey thinned out
Body: Olive antron (or colour to match)
Hackle: Yellow (parapost style)
Parapost/Wing: Grey, thinned out

Dave's Medusa

Hook: Salmon 1/0
Bead: Large Pink or Chartreuse 5/64ths
Legs: Rubber
Tail: Marabou
Body: Chenille

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