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Saturday, February 27, 2016

February in the Crownest Pass

Larry and I were itching to get out and we finally had our window of opportunity! The weather forecast was warm but windy. Hey the wind in the pass is a staple, you just have to deal with it! We loaded up at 6 am, hit Tim Hortons and started our run to the Crowsnest Pass. We were wondering if our usual haunts were ice free. In a word, yes! We were surprised.

 The wind was quite tolerable and the early season fly fishing was excellent The rivers were in excellent condition. One a bit clearer than the other.

The mercury climbed up to 17 C at one point, we even had about an hour with no wind but then later the wind was blowing like a freight train that was running late! The chinook arch spanned all along the eastern slopes. That was amazing to marvel at.

The flies, it was all about the wiggle worm. The rainbows and whitefish were all over this pattern today.

The drive home always seems long. This was our first February trip to the pass. Timing is everything!

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