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Monday, February 8, 2016

Marrying a Feather Wing and the Voodoo Thang with Darren Petersen

Darren Petersen is a very creative artisan who loves fly fishing. Tonight Darren showed 25 fly tyers how to marry feathers together that were then tied into a brook trout fly as a wing. For many of us, this was our first experience marrying feathers together.  Everybody managed to get their wings put together. Ensuring the feathers were from the same side of the feather is a key element to success. It is a very traditional technique that results in colourful wings.

The second fly we tied all started from a bead. An unusual bead that is not associated with fly tying. It is a skull bead. Well the challenge was to construct a streamer with the skull as the focal point of the fly. Well the creative juices were flowing to construct the Voodoo Thang! Everybody had lots of fun designing their flies. The impartial judge, who disqualified me (I protest), awarded the special original scotch glass (made by Darren) with mayflies etched on the side to Steve Luethi. I think it was the hairdo on his fly that gave him the win. Willy's fly was a close second!

Thanks for the neat tying session Darren. We all had a great time!

Remember that we do not have fly tying next Monday, Family Day. We will get going again in two weeks time when Doug Pullen is our guest tyer. Doug has requested that you bring grey and black 8/0 thread!

Also the IF4 Film Festival is making a stop in Red Deer on March 2 at Carnival Theatre starting at 6:30 pm. TC outfitters will have tickets shortly. Lets get a BIG turn out.

Finally the Sportsman Show is coming in three weeks. We are going to have a fly tying table and we need some volunteers to do a shift! Willy is coordinating the effort. Drop Willy an e-mail, to take a shift!

Enjoy Family Day everybody!

The guys concentrating on marrying feathers.

Marrying Feather Wings

First and Second Place! Way to go guys!

1 comment:

Ben Mckinley said...

That's quite the fly (the one with the skull) Funny thing is, it'll catch fish just fine.