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Monday, February 29, 2016

Tying the Jindabyne and a Flav Emerger with Dr. Bill Young

Dr. Bill Young was our guest tyer tonight. Dr. Bill showed 24 keen fly tyers how to tie two very interesting fly patterns. The first pattern comes from New South Wales in Australia and is called the Jindabyne, a town near the Snowy Mountains. It is a pattern that Bill and his gang love to fish near dark at several British Columbia lakes. It is the "go to" pattern at dusk! The second pattern was an emerger pattern that will be an excellent fly to use during a flav hatch. A flav or Lesser Green Drake is a popular hatch on our Eastern slopes rivers. This emerger uses a stripped peacock herl and the resulting quill is an excellent body material. Thanks Bill for the outstanding tying session!

...this Wednesday March 2nd is the IF4 Fly Fishing Film Festival at Carnival Theatre. The show starts at 6:30 pm and Josh Nugent will be all set up at 6 pm to greet you and sell tickets at the door. You can buy "cheaper tickets" at TC Outfitters right here in Red Deer or buy them on line RIGHT HERE! This is going to be a fabulous evening of fly fishing films that will last about 2 hours! we would love to see you there. Bring some of your fly fishing friends along!

Next week, Bernie Peet is our guest instructor. We will be tying chironomids, slim chironomids. Bring your 8/0 threads along with any favourite flashabou colours!

...see everybody at Carnival Theatre on Wednesday night!

Dr. Bill Young


Thread: Black 8/0
Hook: Size 8, 2 XL streamer hook
Tail: Red Schlappen
Body: Black chenille
Rib: Gold tinsel
Wing: Mallard
Colar: Yellow hackle

To strip a peacock herl, dip the peacock herl in a bath of 1/3 bleach and 2/3 hot water for a minute. Notice in the above picture that Bill secured the peacock herl with a clip. Bill then added a small amount of  moisturizing lotion on the stripped quills to make them more pliable.

Quill Flav Emerger

Hook: Curved Caddis Pupa sizes 12 to 18 (depending on emergence)
Trailing shuck: Antron
Body: Two Peacock Quills
Thorax: Hares Ear Ice Dub
Post: Antron
Hackle: Olive grizzly

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