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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Parkland Region of Manitoba Fall Tiger Trout

Six of of our own gang just got back from spending a week in there Parkland Region of Manitoba. The conditions were amazing. Fall was dressed up it all of its splendour. The vibrant fall colours of the aspen trees made for a fantastic backdrop for fly fishing. Tiger trout are a cross between brook trout and brown trout. Tigers display an amazing array of fall colours too as they try to pack on the weight in anticipation of a long Manitoba winter. We had the opportunity to visit "Tiger Town" twice this week. The fishing was not fast and furious although we did catch many beautifully coloured tigers. Boatmen, backswimmers, and small forage fish flies worked great! To see Bernie Peet catch a personal best on his special "Double Bernie" set up was very cool. Stu McKie caught his first tigers while the rest of us reacquainted ourselves with this hard fighting "designer" trout! I love the fall colours on both the trees and the well dressed tigers!

Stuart McKie photos

Patsy Rowley photos

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