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Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Fabulous Cold Drab Day on the Water

I have referred to author, Patrick McManus' humour before but it crept back into my brain again today. The mercury never crawled above 0C today, it was dull, it was drab but fortunately there was no wind. In spite of the miserable weather, Karen, Rick and I decided to bundle up and still hit a local pot hole lake east of Red Deer. The drive itself was entertaining with snow geese in the 1000s all over the place. The fishing was surprisingly good. We caught lots of decent rainbows. We stayed warm although hand warmers would have been nice after dipping our hands into the frigid water to unpin caught trout!

A black Glen's Leech size 12 did the trick all afternoon for us!

We had an awesome day. Yes, it was a fine and pleasant misery,  Patrick McManus! We topped off the day with a stop at the Erskine Grill. A tiny establishment with excellent burgers. It is worth the stop!

Rick escaped the city too and tagged several rainbows!

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