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Friday, October 14, 2016

Some Incredible Mayfly Shots from Darren Petersen

...from Darren Petersen

This spring and summer I took the time to take a closer look at some of our central alberta mayflies.  One of the things that attracts me to flyfishing is a longtime interest in "bugs" that goes back to my childhood and has never faded.  The big difference between then and now is that I am armed with a decent macro lens now instead of a magnifying glass and a hot sunbeam. 

 All photos from Darren Petersen

Brown Drake

Bob and Karen pointed me in the right direction and introduced me to the enormous and exquisite Hexagenias or Great Olive-winged Drakes this spring.  I returned with a net a couple nights later and scooped up several freshly emerged duns and took them home to observe and photograph the next day.  I devoted most of a day to shooting them in different settings, on colored paper, reflective glass, backlit, floating in the kitchen sink and among the flowers and pond plants of my backyard.  The second morning, approximately 36 hours after emergence, I found them going through their metamorphosis from dun to spinner.  Pretty amazing to observe!  Later in the summer I had a similar experience with a Flav or Lesser Green Drake that I brought home from the west country. 




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