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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Artisans Love to Fly Fish Too!

Darren Peterson and his buddy Brian, hit the eastern slopes for some cutthroat fly fishing. 

 Brian is also a local artisan and doesn't fish often but he handled his flyrod pretty well for a relative newby and caught lots of cutties.  Some of the best fishing he has experienced.  Darren thinks he might have the "bug" now.

Darren and Brian were both taking underwater habitat shots for fun and future art projects. They were quite surprised to find a little school of trout in the lower left of one image that had some interesting submerged root structure (Darren didn't know they were there till he blew up the image on his computer later).   

They had a pretty funny experience on the hike into the the river they were fishing.  They got charged.........not by a bear or a bull, but by a fierce momma ruffed grouse that came at them with ruffs puffed and tail fanned looking as big as she could to intimidate and distract them from her babies in the grass along the trail.  

Beautiful composition in the water!

Very cool habitat shot. Can you see the little cutts swimming around?

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