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Friday, July 10, 2015

Going Back to Where It All Started

Darren Peterson sent me this neat note and fly fishing experience that he shared with some buddies of his. Going back to your old stomping grounds can bring back some great memories and also produce some new ones as well. Looks like the guys had an amazing time! Thanks for the pics and story Darren!

Hi Bob, I had a great couple days fishing some rivers west of Edson.  Edson is where I grew up and I spent my childhood waist deep in the McLeod River and it's tributaries.  I went looking for Grayling there the other day and wasn't disappointed.  Hatches were sparse and they didn't seem to be looking up but a nymph solved that problem.  I picked up an underwater point and shoot and have been having fun with it.  Caught some decent rockies as well.

Also spent a day chasing big Bulls in Grizzly/Glacier country with a couple buddies.  We were loaded for bear (lots of bear spray) but fortunately the only one we encountered was from the safety of our vehicle.  He appeared to be enjoying an ant feast.

The Bulls were eager to eat our streamers and we had a really good day.  The fly of the day was a big articulated Polar Bear "jig" that I tied up for the trip.  Chuck and duck fishing, red and white color combination with the heaviest dumbbell I could find.  The polar bear fur has a beautiful translucence in the water.  The bulls were in really good condition.  Awesome to catch such amazing native fish in fast, cold mountain waters. 

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