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Friday, July 10, 2015

Dog Days of Summer Chasing Cutthroat Trout

Wow it is hot out there! The weather reminds me of a time about 10 years ago when we were fly fishing the Blackstone River. It was so hot that Karen and I sat in the water every 30 minutes or so just to cool down. The last week started off cool enough. We even wore our waders once. That quickly ended with the 30C weather. We headed off to the west country to relax, fly fish with friends and unwind a bit. We usually are in Northern Saskatchewan but the horrible forest fires have destroyed a lot of our favourite areas to camp along the Churchill River System and unfortunately, they are still burning. Yuk!

Cutthroat fly fishing is awesome presently. We all are hoping for rain to increase the flow of all our streams but at the moment the rivers are hanging in there in the west country. Where we were camping, two good thunderstorms dumped much needed rain but more is needed.

The dry fly fishing is great right now but the cutthroat are wary after seeing lots of flies. We emptied our fly box in a couple of great spots but mostly the cutts are cooperative.

We have been fishing early too. Fly fishing at 8 am on a cutthroat river seems a bit early but the fish are rising and its reasonably cool too!

We have had to resort to small flies (down to size 18) to get strikes but for the most part a parachute adams, a stimulator, or a hopper pattern will do the job. 

If camping, be sure to check the Alberta Fire Bans web site. Karen and I opted to not have a fire just to be safe.

Tiki finding a great cool spot to hang out!

The wild flowers are out!

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