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Friday, July 10, 2015

Don't Turn Out the Lights Yet!

The hexagenia hatch is waining but a hatch chaser like Steve Luethi was still out there several days ago hoping for another opportunity to catch a beast of a brown trout. Steve waited for his opportunity to get out. He wanted the water temperature to get down. Two evenings of thunderstorms did the trick. Karen and I also experienced these thunderstorms in the west country. One storm was quite impressive. The water temperatures were fine so Steve went out after work to his usual brown trout spot figuring the hexes were done for the year but hoping to catch a drake or PED hatch. After landing a couple Browns on the little caddis pupa he usually hangs under his dry, he started to see large duns on the water. He recognized those wings and they're hexes! One large brown started rising right across the river from him but the bats were intense out there and he didn't want one of those things grabbing his fly so he sent a quick roll cast! The fish grabbed his fly almost immediately and it was on! The recent cooling of the water had definitely helped the fish.  The brown was feisty!  Steve landed him, took a couple quick pics and sent him back. As quick as the hex hatch started it had stopped! Sounds like the experience that Karen and I had a few days earlier. Steve’s night was done which was ok with him because of the early get ups for work! Well done Steve!

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