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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Refusals, ...What to do?

Have you been refused by a cutthroat yet? I have. Maybe it was the presentation but often it is the the fly. My "old reliable" Orange Crush has been turned down a lot this year. The low clear water has made the cutthroat suspicious and wary. Cutthroat wary, yep! Coming up from the bottom of a deep run to attack the orange crush has not happened as much this year so I have had to change tactics a bit.

Yes, match the hatch is quite successful but I wanted to share a system that has been working well for Karen and I.

We have been fly fishing with two dry flies. The old reliable parachute adams has worked great if it is small enough (size 14 to 18) and then about two or three feet further back another fly. It could be a BWO, beetle, ant, emerger, griffiths gnat or a small stonefly. 

Smaller flies have been working great.

Often the second fly we have been using is tough to see by itself so the parachute adams is almost a strike indicator. You may still not be able to see the second fly but you now have a good idea where your flies are on the water.

Just tie the second dry fly at the curve or put the first dry fly above a surgeons knot and let it slide above the knot. It works great.

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