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Monday, June 20, 2016

Bernie and Cathy Peet visit Dragon Lake in B.C.

Bernie and Cathy just got back from a trip to BC! Twelve days at Dragon Lake and 14 days at Fawn Lake in the Cariboo.  Dragon has been very unkind to Bernie and Cathy in recent years as they have fished in the fall and the water has been very warm.  They even stayed until October 10th last year and the fishing was still awful!  So this year The Peets went early and there were some big mayfly hatches, fish were well up in the water and they never had to use an indicator (fishing naked).  Nevertheless, the fish at Dragon are still not easy and they fed on the mayfly very sporadically.  Bernie mentioned that they had reasonable numbers of fish. Bernie's biggest was 5 lbs 8 ozs, his best fish for a while, and Cathy had one over 4 lbs.  The fish at Fawn Lake are a lot smaller, so they caught fish to about 3lb, but still good fun.  I think Bernie and Cathy are just about “fished out” now and will find some different activities for over the summer!  

Thanks for the pictures Bernie and Cathy!

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