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A box full of flies!

A box full of flies!
...and fly fishers

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pretty Much a Perfect Day on the Water

 Dr. Bill Young and I got a chance a few days back to get out and chase cutthroat trout. Our goal was to cover lots of water but Bill suffered an injury that made a long stomp not a great idea. Instead we hiked an hour downstream and fished a section of water that we both love. Bill brought along Copper, his golden retriever ! The river treated us well and yes the "foam fest" was still on. We did switch to hopper-dropper fly fishing with fantastic results!  Tying a size 14 flashback or pheasant tail about 2 or 3 feet below an Orange Crush (tie the tippet onto the curve of the dry fly) (golden stone imitation) yielded lots of action! When I got home, I realized how well mannered Copper was. He loved running along the water and hanging out with us.

We took the time to cover a lot of water that most walk right past. The cutthroat continue to be active.

Copper wanted to confirm that the gigantic cutthroat was indeed GONE!

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