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Monday, June 20, 2016

Fishing the Edges for Big Parkland Region of Manitoba Trout

I am finally home after a fabulous 2 weeks in the Parkland Region of Manitoba! I have to catch up on lots of posts this week so check back often!

One of my favourite games is stalking big browns and sometimes rainbows that cruise along the edge of a shoreline greedily gulping down forage fish or anything else that is a mere 2 to 15 feet from shore and often in water that is less than 2 feet deep! It is a game of observation and patience. Most of these browns (and sometimes rainbows) have a beat. They cruise or cycle on their beat and if you set a trap, you can tangle with some giant browns. Here are some pics of several cool moments.

Sometimes it is better to park the boat and walk along the shore to get the best presentation.

Flashbacks, Balanced leeches, micro leeches (Glen's Leech) and Ice minnows get the job done nicely!

Dr. Bill Young from our club loves to go looking for the big browns along the tulles!

A brown was caught beside that stick in the water just 4 inches below a strike indicator! The water is a mere 12 inches deep!

My friend Ron, broke his brown trout record twice this afternoon. He was quite excited!

This brown was caught on a perfect set up right against the weed line!

Doug Pullen stalking trophy trout along the edges!

This was a cool moment! A big brown was under some dead willows. This bruiser broke off a previous attempt but not this time!

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