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Monday, June 20, 2016

Fly Fishing for Nipigon Coaster Brookies and Lake Trout with Bruce Tilbrook

Bruce Tilbrook just got back from fly fishing for the world famous Nipigon Coaster Brook Trout. Bruce was with his brother-in-law Doug from South Carolina and Dave (who lives at Thunder Bay). The guys angled the Nipigon where the river flows out of the lake of the same name. Then the rest of the trip focused on Lake Superior.

Note the differences in the colors between the river brookies and their cousins from the lake. The Nipigon is not accessible from the lake in the sense that one can just drive a boat up it to Nipigon Lake. The guys drove about 50 kms up the river to launch the boat above the dams that were installed about a hundred years ago. As you can tell, the weather most of the time, was pretty cool and wet!

All the brook trout were released but a few lakers were kept for the fryer and smoker. Dave has been helping out with the measuring and tagging of brook trout both in the lake and the river for 30 years. You can see a tag in one of the images!

All in all, an excellent trip with many fish caught and most released.

Thanks for the pictures Bruce!

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