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Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Fabulous Fall Day in the West Country

There are just a few short weeks left before we bid adieu to our west country cutthroat streams until mid June of next year. Larry and I decided that a quick dash to the west country would be just the prescription on such a beautiful fall day. Tiki and Pepper did not want to be left out either. We loaded up at 7:30 am after a quick stop at Timmies for coffee. Two hours later, we were at our destination. The conditions were unusual for this time of the year. The water was high and slightly off colour. That did not seem to matter. The cutthroat were quite willing to hit our offerings all day. The wiggle worm (very similar to a San Juan Worm), an evil weevil and a CDC Red Tag were real winners today. Once we figured out how much split shot was needed, it was game on!

When we arrived, the temperature was quickly climbing to a balmy 18C. We did see some BWOs and some October Caddis in the afternoon that the occasional cutthroat rose to. The day was mainly about nymphing. We certainly loved the balmy October weather.

The river was not busy. We enjoyed the sun, the river, the company and of course the cutthroat!

By 4 pm, the fly fishing slowed at lot, so we wandered back to the truck. As always, Tiki showed us the way. The two hour run back to Red Deer included weaving around cattle, stopping to watch a ruffled grouse strut about and the usual pot hole polka!

Enjoy the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend everybody! 

Be safe!

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