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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fly Fishing with Big Streamers

Steve Luethi took his streamer box out to the west country in search of some post spawn bull trout. Yes the flies were gigantic. To Steve's surprise, several colourful cutthroat attacked his streamers. Steve did find some bulls and of course the cutthroat were a real bonus! I am always amazed at what a cutthroat will attack. Those streamers are gigantic! 

...on Sunday Steve and his buddy Troy decided to chase big pike on a local lake. Again it was all about big streamers. Steve was casting his 9 weight Redington Vapen black that he picked up at TC Outfitters! As you can see, Steve connected with some giants. Steve and Troy were having so much fun on the lake that another fisherman came by to investigate all the excitement. I would be hooting and hollering too if I tied into some quality pike like these. Well done guys!

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