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Monday, October 12, 2015

A Windy Thanksgiving Monday

Karen and I had planned on going out to fly fish for cutthroat on Sunday but the wind was rocking everywhere. Better wait until Thanksgiving Monday. We already had our big family dinner on Saturday so we had some flexibility! We got out to the river and there was little wind although there definitely was a chinook arch forming right over our heads. About 20 minutes later I thought we were in southern Alberta. Man did it blow! We stayed at the run we were fishing for two hours and then moved upstream and alas we got in front of the chinook arch and the wind came dramatically down.

The water was darn cold but the cutthroat were still quite active.

We did see some BWOs on the surface but they blew away almost immediately! Wiggle worms, evil weevils, stoneflies and flashbacks helped to get us into plenty of beautiful hard fighting cutts!

The window to fly fish seems to be closing down. By 3 p.m., we headed to the truck and enjoyed listening to game four of the Blue Jays-Texas baseball series. A big win for the Jays.

Karen and I loved our day on the water despite the early wind!

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