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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Last Day on the Eastern Slope Rivers

Today is Halloween and that means it's the last day that we can fish on our Eastern Slopes rivers until mid June 2016. A quick check of the weather revealed that the mercury was at a brisk -6C. Jay, Karen and I decided to not rush out to the west country. We hoped that the mercury would crawl above the freezing mark. Well after our two hour drive out, it was still below zero. Of course there was not a soul on the river but us die hards. Everything was frozen except the river. Tiki and Pepper sprinted down the hill to the run we were going to fish. We rigged up and amazingly enough, we were catching cutts in the first few casts. The temperature never did get above zero. Our net was frozen and the guides on our fly rods were clogged with ice.

We had our winter clothes so we were comfortable. 

The first run had lots of active fish. We were having a ball. A few hours later, the fly fishing slowed and it was time to relocate.  In a few minutes, we were back in business. 

We knew the fishing day would not be long and besides, it's Halloween so we had to get back home to give out some candy, especially when the grandkids came to the door!

The day went by way too fast. We caught a lot of cutthroat trout today. We will have to wait a long time before mid June 2016 arrives. We loved our last day fly fishing in a special place.

Plants were definitely frozen!

There was frost on the rocks.

We had to dip the net in water to unthaw it!

The roads were icy and of course slippery!

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