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Monday, October 26, 2015

Aeration of Our Lakes in Alberta Maybe be Stopped

There has been lots of discussion going on about serious legal issues that relate to aerating our trout lakes here in Alberta. It sounds complicated. I do understand that there was some discussion as to what to do at the recent Fisheries Round Table.

Will aerators to be turned on this winter in Alberta?

We think that the ACA will be aerating Beaver, Ironside, Fiesta, and Mitchell Lakes here in Central Alberta. To the north of us Muir, Millers, East Dollar and Figure 8 will hopefully be aerated.

Alberta Parks runs aerators at several other lakes. Lakes like: Police, Spring and Sulphur may not get aeration and that would certainly be a disaster.

Many of our prized trout lakes would probably winter kill without aerators.


Here is a note from Don Andersen:


Copied below is a email sent today to the Minister of Environment and Parks regarding the aeration issue in Alberta.
Please craft your own and send it along to the Minster of Environment and Parks - Shannon Phillips @

Police Outpost lake is one of those effected.

This email will be followed up by a physical letter c/w paper and stamp. I find real letters tend to get more attention. The email was send only to attempt to get the Govt moving.
Honourable Shannon Phillips 
Minister of Environment and Parks
208 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5K 2B6


Dear Minister Phillips,

I am wish to bring to your attention the value Albertans place on the trout lakes that are contained within Alberta Parks. Many of these lakes are equipped with mechanical aeration systems to provide enough oxygen to the water thereby allowing fish to survive. 

As a result of the Alberta Conservation Assoc. discovery of an obscure law within the Canadian Criminal Code, the ACA is revising it's techniques to comply with the law. 

However, the Alberta Government has other options one of which is to close parks to public access thereby not requiring the large, expensive and perhaps ineffective actions the ACA is undertaking.

Would you please provide to myself and the sportsman of Alberta the actions your Ministry will be undertaking to resolve the aeration issue.


Don Andersen

Director Trout Unlimited, Central Alberta Chapter

Bighorn Award Holder

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