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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Swinging Clousers for Walleye

 A chinook arch, warm air and no wind made a trip to the tailwater below Dickson Dam in search of walleye just plain perfect! Casting a spey rod for walleye is great fun. You can cover lots of water and when the walleye are in the mood, there can be lots of excellent fly fishing.

I have been meaning to tie some articulated clousers. I finally got half a dozen done. They worked great.

I saw one chap catch a 8 or 9 pound pike on a size 8 "bugger" and I had to convince another chap that fishing with scented bait was not legal and all walleye and browns had to be released. He was not very happy with me. I just about had to call the RAP (report a poacher) line.

I highly recommend walleye on the fly. You can find some impressive walleye in the Red Deer River.

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