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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Another Amazing Steelheading Trip for Taryn

Fly fishing for steelhead means you better bring your "A" Game, especially when hitting the main stem of the Skeena. Big water can be rather intimidating but Taryn is no rookie and she had a good idea about how to handle the big water. Taryn escaped Red Deer and headed for the Skeena system last week and she and her friends seem to hit it just right. The previous week saw rain and that probably meant that steelhead were heading up the river. When Taryn arrived, the weather was fantastic. Taryn even had a chance to cast her spey rod in in short sleeves. That doesn't usually happen. Doesn't wet rainy miserable weather go with steelheading?

Taryn is on a roll. A good one! I have talked to several steel headers from the Red Deer area who absolutely are addicted to this sport. Taryn's spring trip and now her fall trip yielded fantastic results.

When the water is clear and there are steelhead around. Your odds of a hook up improve.

When Taryn's trip ended, the rain came again and the Skeena's volume doubled.
Taryn loves steelheading. I bet getting on the plane in Vancouver was tough after tangling with these spectacular creatures. you think Taryn is addicted?  I do know, she doesn't need a therapist!

Thanks for sharing you adventure Taryn. Well done!

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