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Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Carpet Hatch but So Frustrating

What a beautiful evening to chase brown trout. As usual these days, we checked the radar on the weather network! The thunderstorms had already passed by and we hoped for a good hexagenia hatch at dusk. We got way more than we bargained for and went home with some success. We found a few active fish right off of the hop and they were easy to catch. They were smallish browns that slashed at our Hexagenia imposters. We got several to hand but we were after the big boys. As dusk settled in, the hatch started and out of nowhere the river was alive with browns gulping down hexagenia but at what stage. They were ignoring our imitations. The hatch was heavy, real heavy with loads of spinners on the water. We had lots of adult impersonations but no spinners. The big boys would basically ignore our adult imposters! Lesson learned.

As the hatch started, the browns were interested in our adult flies but as the hatch intensified, it was all about spinners. We had no spinners ready to go.. That mistake will not happen again!

As the hatch slowed, the eddies were strewn with spinners. We better get a few of those tied up for next time.

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