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Friday, July 1, 2016

Hexagenia Hatch Chasers Are a Bit Crazy,.. BUT They Love It!

(click on the pictures to make them larger)

Chasing the hexagenia hatch is definitely not for everybody! The hex hatch starts at dusk but these gigantic mayflies make the brown trout go crazy! We have several locations in Central Alberta that these mayflies pop for about 10 days  at this time of the year. Most of these areas are not easy to get around in after dark! Stumbling along steeply sloped banks, stepping in holes and getting chewed by mosquitoes is just part of the fun!

When the hatch starts you have to have a plan. The willow lined banks make conventional casting tough but if you can get your fly into the game, you have a chance at tagging a trophy!

The hatch takes place over about a 90 minute period and is over around midnight. You stumble back to the truck sometimes elated and other times frustrated. The rewards are high but you have to pay your entrance fee at the river!

Have a snooze after work if you plan to chase the largest mayflies in Alberta.

Taryn set the hook on this bruiser after hearing the distinct popping sound of a brown eating a hex. 

Troy into a beauty!


Steve tagged this big brown almost at his feet. Look around Steve in the picture below. The hexagenia are all over!

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