Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wyoming Cutthroat Slam, ...Getting There and Day One

Karen and I just got back from a neat trip. We headed down to Wyoming in pursuit of 4 subspecies of cutthroat trout. Our mission is to eventually catch all of the subspecies of cutthroat. The Wyoming Cutthroat Slam , also called the Cowboy Slam was a great deal of fun! Over the last week we have added 4 and we have now caught 6 subspecies of cutthroat!

The trip involved a lot of research and planning. Our dear friend Leon Buckles was the catalyst for this adventure. Leon had done a lot of the research and has already successfully completed the Wyoming Cutthroat Slam.

After a 14 hour trip, we meet Leon on a tributary of the Snake River in Wyoming. We set up camp in a very quiet campground where we plotted out a course of action.

Our first night at over 7000 feet reminded us that it gets cold at night at that elevation! Warm coats and extra blankets made us comfortable!

Day one on the water, we targeted Snake River Fine Spot Cutthroat. We were fishing well above 7000 feet on day one. The cutthroat were not all that cooperative at the start of the day but eventually we solved the riddle of how to catch them. We hoped that dry fly fishing would do the job. We did catch all of the subspecies with dry flies but nymphing with size 14 flashbacks gave us a lot of action. We did encounter Rocky Mountain Whitefish while nymphing but we caught a lot of Snake River Fine Spot Cutthroat.

The back roads we drove ranged from great gravel roads to rough rutted roads that were at the limit of what I felt comfortable travelling with my truck.

Take a look at the next 5 blog posts below to see how our adventure unfolded! Karen and I owe a great deal of thanks to Leon Buckles. Leon's experience and knowledge paved the way to a very successful trip. Thanks Leon! This trip will be hard to beat!

Awe, Yes, Gravel Roads and lots of Dust!

This Map Book was extremely Valuable to Our Pursuit of Cutthroat

Two Great Examples of Snake River Fine Spot Cutthroat Trout!

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