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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Wyoming Cutthroat Slam Day Two...Colorado Cutthroat

This was a very cool day. Neither Karen nor I had fly fished above 8000 feet. We worked our way up to the head waters of a Colorado River 4th tier tributary. What was neat to us was the amount of restoration that has gone on by both the Wyoming Fisheries as well as some chapters of Trout Unlimited from the USA! The instream structure along the creek we fly fished certainly was a lot of work to complete!

The area we fly fished was an inland sea millions of years ago.

The only downside to the day were the bot flies that were quite annoying!

We set up after a slow 90 minute drive up over a height of land into the Colorado Drainage System. The creek had a lot of restoration work done. The creek also had some brookies but we did manage to catch some beautiful Colorado Cutthroats!

Each of these in stream structures helped to create holding water for the trout! 

This was a very picturesque area to fly fish. The views were amazing and the cutthroat were not as plentiful as we expected or perhaps they were just plain stubborn!

Colorado Cutthroats

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