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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Do You Use a Thermometer and Throat Pump on the River?

In the last two years water temperature has become an issue on many of our rivers. To fish or not to fish is the question when the water temperature climbs towards 70F. Karen and I have been using a thermometer the last few years. We have chosen not to fish when the water temperature climbs into the high 60F area. We use a thermometer extensively on the lakes but it not usually in our river kit! It is now.

We have also started to use our throat pump on rivers as well. This is something we normally use on lakes to see what the trout are dining on. We have discovered that it can be a great tool as well on rivers. Take a look at the pictures below. Phil Rowley is using a throat pump on the river. The trout were dining on flavs. You know what we tied on then!

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