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Friday, July 15, 2016

Bank Stabilization on the City Section of the Red Deer River

This bank stabilization project started on the Red Deer River late in the winter months. It is nearing completion. The rip rap along the south side of the river starts at Little Chief Park and goes all the way to the Heritage Ranch footbridge. That is a bit more than 1 km of bank. The crew had to build a temporary bridge to complete this gigantic job! I have watched with interest because of where I live. The work crew did a great job ensuring they did little or no damage to the Red Deer River in this area. One day I smiled when there were rising fish upstream of the temporary bridge that allowed the large boulders to be transported to the south bank. The crew worked long hours, 7 days a week to get the job done. Luckily the lower water levels allowed the work to be completed as quickly as possible.

I wasn't sure about this project when I saw so many trees cut down, but the exposed bank should not erode along the river. The bare bank above the rip rap can still potentially drop down. I bet the fish will love to move in along the rip rap once all the project is cleaned up.

Lots of paving and trail maintenance to finally finish this big project.

The work crew removing the last bit of the temporary bridge across the Red Deer River!

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