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Friday, July 22, 2016

Day Three of the Wyoming Cutthroat Slam, ...Bonneville (Bear River) Cutthroat

Day three was amazing yet challenging. We worked our way up a very rough road to the Tri Basin Divide. What a neat place! This was the head waters of three major drainages within the USA! Today we headed to a creek system that held Bonneville (Bear River) Cutthroat Trout. The road to travel on was rough, real rough. I was a bit uncomfortable travelling along a very gnarly road. At one point we had to modify our starting point because I did not want to chance travel on the road that took us to our intended destination. After bumping along for three hours, we finally set up on a creek that eventually included water that flowed to the Great Basin. This was a day I really looked forward to. I loved the spotting on these beautifully coloured cutthroat trout!

We did a lot of willow crashing to find some holding water but once we did, we managed several beautiful Bonneville Cutthroat including a real beautiful 16 inch Cutt that Karen caught on a Bastard Adams.

Karen and Leon with a true trophy Bonneyville Cutthroat!

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