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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Mouthful of Tricos

About 10 days ago several of the gang were fly fishing with hexagenia flies. These are the largest mayflies we have in Alberta BUT...

...while running the last few days with my hound, I have run into clouds of tricos, the smallest mayfly we have in the province. These miniature mayflies get into your eyes and mouth as you travel down the paved trails here in Red Deer. These mayflies are in the size 22 range. Do our fish on the Red Deer River feed on them? Yes! There are some names that fly fishers give these tiny mayflies, none of them are very nice!

A Black Gnat can imitate a cluster of them and quite often fish in the river will focus on these tiny creations. There are a lot of fish rising on the river these days. Many of them are tiny whitefish, goldeye and some browns. I bet the odd small walleye even gulp down these bugs! Argg, getting a hook up on these mayflies is tough!

This trico was crawling around on my kitchen window. I probably brought it in the house with some others. They are tough to photograph too!

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