Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday January 21st, 2008

                                                                                                                                                                             Wow! What a night.  Evan Ritchie and Doug Pullen pull up at 6:20 pm with a truck load of fly tying stuff to sell off at bargain basement prices. The garage sale was a success. All the tying material went out the door. At the end of the evening, Central Alberta Trout Unlimited made $300. We all should remember that the tying material came as a generous donation from Harvey MacIntyre's family after he passed away.
Shortly after 7 pm our regular fly tying started with Doug DeWitt being the instructor. Doug had us tie a backswimmer pattern using beads for the body and a chamois shellback. We then tackled a Goddard Caddis. That meant spinning deer hair. Doug then made sure we took another crack at tying BWOs. Out came the size 18 and size 20 hooks.
Doug's persistence in having the 26 tyers learn to tie small is paying off. Karen and I used this Blue Winged Olive pattern several times with excellent success. Its hard to believe that a trout will key in on a mayfly that is size 20 or smaller.
Remember that the Canadian Fly Tying Exposition goes this weekend at Spruce Meadows. Check out the we site below if you are going:

Next week we have Doug Pullen as our guest tying instructor. Doug has three patterns planned. See you then!
Finally there is a meeting Thursday night at 7 pm at Original Joes for those of you who could lend a hand with our Central Alberta Trout Unlimited Dinner and Auction.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Monday, January 8 Fly tying

Hi Everybody!
Another great turn out to fly tying tonight. Les Kolibaba did an outstanding job leading us in tying 3 patterns. All three will be excellent additions to our fly boxes. Thanks again for the pleasant evening Les!
Evan also brough
t his new "toy" along to try. The "One Part Epoxy" and UV light system was quite cool. It made an excellent epoxy head on a streamer in a mere 20 seconds. week, we have Doug DeWitt. Doug hopefully will be safely back from the Yemen Oilfields. if you read this Doug, Evan says he wants a pattern that does not require 3X glasses. Just kidding!
See you all next Monday.