Monday, February 24, 2020

The Dahlberg Diver with Doug Pullan

I always look forward to Doug Pullan's presentation. Tonight 15 tyers dared to take the challenge to learn to stack and spin deer hair on the way to making the Dahlberg Diver. Doug's excellent instruction yielded some superb Divers.

Remember that the IF4 Fly Fishing Film festival is at Carnival Theatre this Thursday Febraury 27th. The films start at 7 pm. Remember that we have 4 of our own guys in a film produced by Dana Latterly. You can order tickets  RIGHT HERE or buy tickets at West River Fly Shop. Of course you can buy tickets right at Carnival Theatre on Thursday evening! 

Remember that next Monday is our final fly tying session of the season. See you then!

This fly pattern was first developed by Larry Dahlberg back in the late 1970s. This versatile fly has been used to catch large Trout, Bass, Pike and Muskie in fresh water and Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Saratoga, Barrumundi, Tarpon and Water Dragons in salt water environments. Anything that swims and feeds off the surface of the water will be tempted to crush this popper type top water pattern. All the components of the Dahlberg Diver create a seductive attraction that fish are drawn to.  There are a number of pattern variations of this fly coupled with the appropriate size can imitate a frog, insect, lizard, fish or even a mouse struggling on the water. The fly pattern was developed to dive and swim when retrieved, and to resurface during any pause in the retrieve. This pattern if equipped with a weed guard, works well fishing through and alongside weed beds and structure. Retrieving the fly with short sharp strips causes the fly to bloop, leaving a bubble trail in its wake. Sometimes just leaving the fly sitting in one place with the odd shake of the rod to cause the fly to vibrate can attract a strike. 
The fly can be fished using a sink tip or a floating line with a short heavy test leader. The takes can be sudden and violent so hang on to the rod. Have fun.

Fly Recipe
Hook - Daiichi 2546 size 2/0
Thread - Gel Spun 200d
Tail - Chartreuse Bucktail, Holographic Firetiger Flasabou, Chartreuse Grizzly Saddle Hackle, Olive Krystal Flash
Tail Collar – Olive Marabou
Body – Deer hair (white, dark green, black, light olive)
Eyes – 6mm plastic gold eyes

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Betty and Steve at Christmas Island-What an Adventure

Betty and Steve just got back yesterday from their week at Kiribati/Christmas Island.  What a place!  Amazing sights and fishing for big bonefish. They stayed at  the Sunset Hotel, right on the beach.  Their rooms were pretty rudimentary and thankfully they had air conditioning and space for their stuff so they couldn’t complain and the food was wonderful.
Steve and Betty had a guide each day, and they were all excellent at spotting fish, taking them to interesting places, and making sure they were casting with the wind - a pleasure after Jurassic Lake!
Most of the fishing was walking and wading in water knee deep to waist deep, or on the ocean side into the surf.  They did almost no fishing from the boats.
The bonefish maybe weren't as plentiful as other places, but they were definitely big, and so strong.  Betty and Steve got used to seeing the end of their backing when a big one would go for a run.  The average size was about 18", with some really big ones caught. Betty and Steve also caught baby giant trevally as well as striped, bluefin, and spotted trevally, but they didn't get a chance at any giant trevally, although they saw them rip in and out of the area a couple of times.  They also caught numerous other reef fish.
Betty and Steve also loved seeing the numerous birds, dolphins and other wildlife.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What Our Central Alberta Trout Unlimited Chapter has Accomplished

The Central Alberta Chapter of Trout Unlimited is having a dinner auction on May 14th. We need everybody's support. I have listed the projects below that we have worked on in the past and several are still in full swing! We need YOUR support to make our dinner auction a success. We hope you will consider purchasing a ticket and join us.

  1. Piper Creek restoration Project
  2. Tay River Restoration Project
  3. Beaver Management Program on Stauffer Creek (North Raven)
  4. Fencing along Stauffer Creek and the Raven River
  5. In stream structure on Stauffer Creek
  6. In stream structure on Clear Creek and fencing
  7. Creating current on Clear Creek
  8. Aerator purchase for Kerbes Pond 
  9. Donation to help purchase Porter Property on Raven River
  10. Purchase of library books for Red Deer Public Library and Red Deer College with respect to clean water and aquatic life
  11. Purchase and donation of books to all schools in Red Deer relating to fish, clean water
  12. Infrastructure work at Ironside Pond, Beaver Lake: including signage approaches to lake, boat launches
  13. Multiple projects on the North Ram River from signage to bug counts
  14. Bug counts on several streams in Central Alberta
  15. Fall Creek repair of quad damage
  16. Donation and volunteering for Red Deer River Annual clean up
  17. Naming and donation of plaque on Mitchell Pond (Heritage Ranch Pond)
  18. Projects in the Cadomin area

Tay River 

Upper Stauffer Creek

Clear Creek

Upper Stauffer Creek

Ironside Pond

Stauffer Creek

Piper Creek

Tay River

Piper Creek

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

IF4 Fly Fishing Film Festival in Red Deer on Thursday February 27th at Carnival Theatre

Buy tickets at West River Fly Shop, at Carnival Theatre or on line RIGHT HERE!

Come on Central Alberta, lets fill the theatre and watch some of our own on the big screen!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Biot Parachute Mayfly and Jimmy Legs with Dan Reaman

What an excellent turn out of fly tyers to take in Dan Reaman's fly tying presentation. Dan is a very accomplished fly tyer and we are always greatful when Dan is able to spend the evening with our gang! Tonight Dan showed us how to tie a parachute mayfly using a goose biot body. The look of the body is amazing and I am sure that it will fool lots of trout! The way Dan designed his parachute mayflies is an excellent template for most mayflies. We then tied a Jimmy Legs. Jimmy Legs is definitely a go to "guide fly." They are quick to tie and they are definitely fish catchers. Thanks for the excellent instruction Dan. Thank goodness it was not -35C like the first time!

Remember that next Monday is Family Day and there is no fly tying! The following Monday, Doug Pullen is our guest tyer. Remember to bring some GSP 200 thread.

A week from Thursday is the IF4 Fly Fishing Film Festival. Thursday February 27th at Carnival Theatre is the big show. The films start at 7 pm and the doors open at 6 pm. Be sure to get your tickets for this enjoyable evening by purchasing your tickets on line RIGHT HERE! Of course you can get tickets at West River Fly Shop or right at Carnival Theatre.

We are also asking everybody to support the Central Alberta Trout Unlimited Dinner Auction. All the details are in the poster below. Please contact one of the ticket sellers to get tickets.

Parachute Biot Adams

Hook: Standard dry fly sizes 12-18
Thread: Black 8/0 or color to match
Tail: Coq de Leon fibers
Body: Goose biot
Post: White Antron
Hackle: Brown and Grizzley
Thorax: Superfine antron, colour to match

Jimmy Legs

Hook: 3xl nymph or streamer hook (Mustad 9672) sizes 4 to 10
Thread: Black
Weight: 0.0200 lead
Bead: 1/8 to 5/32nd brass or tungsten
Legs: Sexy legs
Body: Verigated Chenile

Building the Thorax

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Dr. Bill Enjoying the Flats in Belize with Guide Hilian Martinez

Dr. Bill Young is enjoying the flats fly fishing in Belize. Today was a bit challenging because of wind and the post cold front day that it was. Nevertheless, casting to a tarpon that ate Bill's fly but did not stick; hunting for the elusive permit, aka black tail devil; and catching double digit numbers of bonefish makes for an excellent day for my friend. I keep looking at the beautiful turquoise 83 degree F water and want to head to the airport and get there myself. Soon.

My friend Hilian Martinez has spent two days guiding Dr. Bill. Hilian knows where to look for all flats species around Ambergris Caye. Today they were turned around by windy conditions as they headed for an island out in the open ocean. The guys were persuing permit and they had to settle for the lee side of Ambergis Caye. Still an excellent place to hunt! The guys also saw some 20 pound jacks that were not sticking around to play.

If you have the right mind set, any conditions can still lead to an excellent day. I would have gladly taken this day!

All photos courtesy of Hilian Martinez