Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Central Alberta Lakes are Fishing Great

Hi Everybody!

My buddy Larry finally came back home after an amazing trip with his wife, Tami, to the Mediterranean area of Europe. We were deciding where to fly fish today and I suggested we fish one of our lakes in the Caroline area. We knew that a cold front was on the way but that did not slow down the fly fishing. The lake was not busy today. The 4 loons on the lake were creating quite the ruckus while a bald eagle soared overhead looking for an easy snack. 

Larry and I were impressed with the fishing. The fish were healthy and we caught lots of beautiful fat rainbows from 12 to 19 inches. The hot fly for us was Glen's Leech and another micro leech that our buddy Rick introduced to us. Rain showers in the afternoon slowed the fishing but that just made us get home in time to take in the Stanley Cup play-offs.

Catch and release fisheries do work. I can hardly wait to see what these rainbows look like in the fall.

If you want to see what lakes have been stocked in Alberta, take a look right HERE.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fly Fishing with the Raptors

Karen and I floated the Red Deer River on Saturday of the Victoria Day long weekend. We had a great time fly fishing. We encountered almost every species in the river except brown trout. Very few risers and most of those were the always cooperative goldeye. We saw blue winged olives and some March Browns and lots of caddis later in the day.The river was in perfect shape. Just a bit off colour and a flow rate that made the run pleasant. We always marvel at the raptors along the Red Deer River. They can get their lunch when ever they choose.

Babies in the nest already!

What a great spot for this osprey to rule a stretch of the Red Deer River.

Pepper kept himself entertained.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thanks to Bob Edens and Stream Weaver Flies for the Donation

I got a call from Bob Edens last Saturday, owner of Stream Weaver Flies. Bob said he had a donation for the fly tying club and he suggested I bring the truck because I was going to need it. Eight large boxes were loaded into the back of my truck. Most of the items were deer hair and elk hair along with some chenille and feathers. We will not have to buy deer hair or elk hair for a LONG time. The hair is top quality and much of it was special ordered.

Next year's tying themes have to include deer hair.

A big thanks to Bob!

Oh yes, Bob wanted everybody to know that he is blowing out all flies in his shop starting at 25% off. These are quality flies from Umpqua Flies. Give Bob a call if you need to get some tying materials or flies (403-304-8362).

Managing the Red Deer River Fishery

Hi Everybody!

Spring has finally sprung and we are close to the opener (May 17th) for the Red Deer River. Presently there is a committee looking at how the Red Deer River is managed and they are in the process of collecting data from fishermen. There will be angler report sheets to fill in at all the popular start/finish spots on the river. Please take a moment to fill in the survey. It will help in the decision making about how the Red Deer River is managed in the future.