Monday, April 4, 2011

Sight Fishing Presentation with Dave and Amelia Jensen

Hi Everybody!

It was a full house at the West Park Middle School library to take in Dave and Amelia's presentation on Sight Fishing. Dave and Amelia have gathered some amazing video from their travels through Western Canada, the USA and New Zealand. The idea of spending the day sight fishing for trout may have never occurred to many of us. Dave and Amelia have become masters of this type of fly fishing. Dave showed us several important things to think about when sight fishing. Dave's video did a great job of illustrating his points. Learning about where trout are likely to be found, how to approach and set up, how to present a fly, patience (this is a hard one for me), taking advantage of the lateral line sensitivity of a trout and the importance of an accurate cast were all part of the presentation. Tonight's presentation was a great way to start the 2011 fishing season. Thanks for coming, Dave. I know that one hour of video probably took 25 hours to prepare.

If you are looking for updates on what is going on with hatches and water conditions; head over to Dave's blog.

Well, another fly tying season for the Central Alberta Fly Tyers is complete. Again the presenters deserve a great deal of thanks:

Dr. Bill Young
Evan Ritchie
Doug Pullen
Phil Rowley
Bob Vanderwater
Rick Miyauchi
Betty MacKenzie
Tim Maley
Phil Nash
Bernie Peet

The strength of the Central Alberta Fly Tyers is the willingness of members to share their expertise in a friendly way to all fly tyers. We learn so much from each other. If you have any questions about fishing local lakes and waters, do ask some of the gang. I hope to see you out on the water.

Do check back to our web site from time to time for updates on what is going on out on the water. We have an exciting trip to Manitoba set up for 12 members of our club. Phil Rowley is very excited about joining us.

Remember that the Central Alberta Chapter of Trout Unlimited's Dinner/Auction is Thursday May 12 at the Black Knight Inn. Please buy a ticket or two and take in a great evening with the proceeds going to projects here in Central Alberta that will enhance our trout waters. You can e-mail Karen or Bob ( for tickets.