Friday, September 7, 2018

Awesome Day Fly Fishing for West Slope Cutthroat Trout

My buddy Dave had never fly fished this particular river. He was itching to take a look and experience west slope cutthroat trout in my neck of the woods! Dave's home waters are mainly to the south but when the opportunity knocked, he and I were able to get out for the day. Doug ditched work for the day and joined us. He also had an awesome day!

The day started off cold, real cold, well below zero as we walked well downstream. We had to negotiate all the quad damage but after an hour of walking, we set up to fly fish. Dry fly fishing does not get going to about noon but once it gets started, it can be excellent. Today was just that. The west slope cutthroat we quite willing to rise and take a dry fly. Ant patterns and chernobyls certainly got the cutthroats' attention!

When the air warmed, the bugs got going and the cutts certainly became quite active. We explored lots of water today and the hours just flew by, way too fast as a matter of fact!

We stumbled back to the truck at supper time, loaded up and hit the gravel back to Red Deer! Marvalous day!

Take a look!

Yes, the quad damage is extensive in places.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Labour Day Weekend Fly Fishing with Steve, Martha, Pat and Reece!

Well Labour Day long weekend is behind us! Steve along with good friend, Pat, his wife, Martha, and their little boy Reece had a chance to get out in the west country to fly fish. Steve built his own over/under housing for taking underwater shots that includes some action out of the water. The results are excellent. 

Several awesome shots Steve! Bakon and Reece are fun subjects! So are mom and dad!

Take a look!