Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More Tigers from Twin Lakes

Two lucky participants from our Fall trip stayed an extra day and fished Twin Lakes. The Tiger Trout were looking up for Betty and Steve. They managed a couple dozen Tigers before heading over to Bullshead where I understand the fishing is excellent too.

Steve with a colourful Tiger Trout.

Betty with a hog of a Tiger!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Doug's BIG Rainbow from Patterson Lake

Yes we have photo evidence of the monster rainbow that Doug Pullen caught near the "Mass Grave Site." What a beauty trophy Doug. Congratulations. Thank goodness Rick was there to take the picture.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Manitoba Trip in the Fall

Hi Everybody!

Seven members of the Central Alberta Fly Tyers headed back to the Parkland Region of Manitoba with Phil Rowley to enjoy the trophy fishing at Twin Lake for Tiger Trout along with Patterson and Tokaryk Lakes for brown and rainbows. Phil also had 4 other fly fishers join our group. We stayed at "Barn in the Bush." It was an old barn, converted into rooms that made our stay quite comfortable. Our lodging was exactly half way between Roblin and Russell. Phil presented three seminars over the course of our stay. Karen and I acted as hosts.

We headed over to Tokaryk Lake first but the lake was not as cooperative as last June. Everybody had to work hard for their fish. Betty nailed a beauty of a rainbow on one of her reliable leech patterns. Several trophy quality rainbows were caught on chronomids, leech patterns and flashbacks.

On day two, we headed to Patterson Lake. The weather was blustery although more stable than the previous day. The blustery weather created a "wind lane" between two islands and we found fish concentrated in this area. The fish seemed to be foraging for bait fish; small bait fish. The pattern that worked well was a size 12 flashback. Many trophy fish were caught at Patterson. Doug caught a rainbow that was close to 28 inches long and it was heavy. Doug and Rick headed way down the lake to the Mass Grave Area at Patterson. They were rewarded with several monster rainbows and a hefty brown. I hope to post a picture of Doug's BIG rainbow in the next day or so. Karen caught the biggest brown of her life in the "Wind Lane" on a flashback. Phil Nash had a big smile on his face as he continously caught big rainbows. Betty and Steve got into some beauties too. Betty almost lost her rod. She was photographing Steve as he tangled with a big rainbow and she had a take on her rod at the same time. Thank goodness Betty had fast reflexes. The flashback was king for many in the group.

We finally headed over to Twin Lakes to sample the Tiger Trout fishery. The night before we had a seminar on water boatman and backswimmers. We arrived at Twin Lakes where we had to contend with rain showers but by early afternoon the rain settled down while the backswimmers and boatman came out. So did the Tiger Trout. Doug found a spot that was amazing. Doug gave a BIG "Yahoo" after catching his 14th Tiger. Boatman, backswimmers and cherynoble ant patterns were a hit. Many trophy Tigers were caught. The Tiger Trout give a great fight and they are blast to catch on the surface.

We had a fabulous time in Manitoba. The socializing within the group was a big hit for all. Phil Nash kept us all in stitches with his hilarious anecdotes and stories. Phil Rowley's seminars were very informative, as always. The last evening we had a slide show of all the action. So many big rainbows, browns and tiger trout were caught.

Yes we are going back. I have already booked Arrow Lake Lodge for June 11 to 18th, 2011. The lodge is 15 minutes from Patterson and Tokaryk Lakes. Phil will also be along with different seminars and more information to share. More details will follow.

If you want to read more about our trip, head over to Phil's blog.


Karen with a Tiger Trout.

Backswimmers were out to play. The trout loved them!

Phil Nash tangling with one of many trophy rainbows at Patterson Lake.

Karen's BIG brown at Patterson Lake

Betty's trophy rainbow at Tokaryk Lake.

Rick pitching in at "Barn in the Bush."

Flashbacks caught a lot of trout in Manitoba.

Hook: size 8 to size 18 curved caddis hook or Mustad 9671
Thread: red 8/0 or 6/0
Tail: Pheasant
Rib: Small copper wire
Bead: gold or black
Thorax: peacock herl
Shellback: pheasant and pearl mylar