Monday, January 30, 2023

Tying EP Streamers and the Unsinkabeetles with Steve Luethi

Steve Luethi was our guest tying instructor tonight! The 18 tyers who came out tonight were treated to a fabulous program from Steve. The evening started out with a video taken from Cree Lake by Steve, Josh Nugent from OFF (owner of Out Flyfishing), Yoshi Aoki and Naoto Aoki. Seeing the guys tangling with 45-50 inch pike was quite exciting.

Steve then showed the gang how to tie the unsinkabeetle. The arctic grayling in the Cree River could not stay away from this sweet little dry fly made up mostly from foam!

Steve then got out the BIG Predator hooks and we tied a very simple yet effective pike fly, the EP  Streamer. The streamer is tied with two different colours of NMR Flash and Fiber. The key to this fly is tie in the material sparsely.

Thanks Steve for the delightful evening of fly tying!

If you are interested in the Cree Lake Trip that OFF is hosting. Give Josh Nugent a call at the shop. The trip is excellent value and the fly fishing is outstanding! I can personally attest to it!

Next week, we are tying damsel flies. Just bring some olive UTC 70 thread!

Finally, our Phil Rowley All Day Tying Workshop is coming on February 11th. We do still have room for a few more tyers. This is a workshop for all levels of fly tying!


Size 10 dry fly hook with a wide gap
Thread: orange or red UTC 140
Body: Two colours of foam (underbody is wrapped)
Thorax: Sparkle dubbing
Wing: Antron and foam
legs: Rubber

EP Streamers

Hook: Partridge or Ahrex -Predator-#4/0-6/0
Thread: Orange or red UTC 140
Body: Two colours of NMR Flash and Fiber
Eyes: Living Eyes or Fish Skull (to get deph)

These are two well chewed EP Streamers-the pike were still hitting them!

Wall tent accommodation at Cree Lake Lodge (for the DUI fly fisher)

Flying to Cree Lake from Fort McMurray

Josh and Naoto with monster pike

Sleeping Accommodation for the Do It Yourself Flyfishers

Steve with monster Cree Lake Pike

Josh with a rare Silver Pike

Steve caught this black bear looking for scraps near a popular shore lunch spot!


Friday, January 27, 2023

Information About Fly Tying on Monday January 30th with Steve Luethi

Hi Everyone!

Steve Luethi is our guest fly tyer this Monday January 30th at 7 pm! Steve is a skilled fly tyer who loves big toothy critters! Steve is going to share pictures from his last two trips to Cree Lake and I am sure we will be tying flies for big toothy critters. Steve asks you to bring orange or red UTC 140 or 6/0 thread.

...also, we have ordered the tying materials for our big all day workshop on February 11th. We still could use a few more tyers. The workshop is $75. That includes lunch, prizes, a PDF of the workshop and your tying materials.

Please etransfer your workshop fee to me ( when you have a chance or catch me on Monday!

...Steve's workshop will be lots of fun! See you there!



Monday, January 23, 2023

A Neat Way to Tie An Ultimate Boatman and Chromies with Ralf Kuntzemann

What a terrific evening of fly tying with Ralf Kuntzemann. Ralf ties lots of flies for his friends so he loves to figure out ways to make his patterns quick and easy ties! Tonight Ralf showed 18 fly tyers a neat way to tie an Ultimate Boatman. An ultimate boatman is quite fussy to construct. Ralf glues two pieces of foam together with 3M Super 77 spray glue and then punches out his foam bodies with a homemade punch fashioned from a spent bullet shell. Then he uses a needle to thread the silly legs. Fast and efficient! I am already looking forward to Ralf's next tying session in late February! Thanks for thinking outside the box Ralf!

Next week, Steve Luethi is our guest tyer. Steve is a guide with Out Flyfishing from Calgary. Steve loves tying big streamers and I am sure he has some big fish flies on his mind.

Finally, we could still use 3-5 more tyers for the Phil Rowley Workshop on February 11th. 

See you next week!

Willy showing us the empty shell casing used to make a punch for the the foam bodies.

Once you punch out the foam bodies, use a needle and a bit of glue to thread the silly legs through the foam.

Take a felt pen and and add red eyes and that wine glass look on the boatman.

Use a razor blade to create a slit for the hook!

Slit the foam with a razor blade and insert your favourite hook, then add some clear gorilla glue to seal the deal.

The steps go quite quickly and you can make a dozen ultimate boatmen in an hour.

Watch Neil Jennings Construct an Ultimate Boatman

The second fly of the evening was "The One Wire Wonder Chromie!"

Add a bead then wrap the wire rib right onto the shank of the hook. Then use resin to create depth and a taper. Simple, quick. and functional!


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Some Information About Ralf Kuntzemann's Tying Session this Upcoming Monday January 23rd

For this Monday's tying session with Ralf Kuntzemann. If you have any of the following bring them along. I will bring some extra. This tying session looks like a blast!

1/ Loon, or other, UV epoxy  - thick preferred - both thin and thick if they have

[with UV Flashlight]

2/ an old magazine that they don't mind thrashed/trashed [for mixing epoxy and banging out some scud patterns]

3/ a mallet, or some other "pounding" device

4/ a large sewing needle [to fit backswimmer/boatman legs into eye]

5/ a razor blade [or other sharp cutting instrument]

6/ medium/small/X-small wire [red/black/copper/brown - as they may have]

7/ magic, or other permanent, markers [fine tip preferred]

Pls let me know if you need further information


Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Private Hackle Sale

Get ahold of Joe If you are interested in purchasing any of the following hackles. They are all for sale!