Sunday, April 30, 2023

Belize is a Magical Fly Fishing Destination

Karen, Doug and I just got back from two fabulous weeks of fly fishing around San Pedro in Belize. It is the 8th maybe 9th trip Karen and I have made to Belize. It is a chance to relax, enjoy the flats fly fishing mainly for bonefish and permit! We occasionally target tarpon too!

West Jet flies direct from Calgary in the winter. That makes travel relatively easy.

Our day started off at 5:15 am and we were usually on the water by 7 am. A typical day starts at 6:30 or 7 am and ends around 3 pm. We mostly sight fish. That is tough on cloudy days. Luckily Belize is known for its big blue sky.

We did have two rain days out of 14 and we did experience hazy skies because of smoke and Sahara sand the last few days. It is 28C first thing in the morning and sometimes the humidex gets high!

Some days are just amazing and others you work hard for your success. Your guide is so important! We are fortunate to have developed a wonderful friendship with Hilian Martinez and his family. He is one of the most knowledgeable guides and he works hard for you! He wants you to be successful.

We also enjoy days at the pool and just relaxing too! I have posted lots of pictures. San Pedro is a neat place. We love it there. The people are so friendly. They do have their challenges but we do try to see the positive and enjoy what we love. Take a look, it was a wonderful trip!

The rain is pouring down behind Karen.

We love staying at The Landings at Tres Coccos

Leaving Calgary

Permit are hard to catch and exciting to hunt!

Cover up or get burned.

Tailing bonefish are an excellent challenge to catch!

Lousy sunlight makes for a tough day to sight fish!

Osprey love to eat fish too!

Permit on!

Hilian Martinez is an outstanding guide!

A free diver brought conch to shore. We had some fresh conch and brought a couple of shells home!

Dick Brown's Strip Tease bonefish fly was an outstanding pattern.

Dolphins sometimes blow up our fly fishing spots

A trip to the Iguana Wildlife Sanctuary was amazing!

Off to work!

We love the sunrises at 5:40 am each morning!